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Kya D

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I know some of you do.
What I wanted to know is if anyone would like a needle puller for your quilting.
Last time I had a blood draw:eek: I told the lab tech that I would love to get my hands on some of the rubber tourniquets for my quilting and she handed me several.:D
I am sure there are more than I can use.
If you would like one I will send you one;)
Respond here and
PM me please and let me know.
I should have known you would be a quilter! I haven't had time in years to quilt. That's nice of you to offer.
I have been thinking about joining the local quilters guild here just to get me out of the house. I have been a long time stitcher of just about anything...cross stitch, embroidery, crochet, knitting, rugs, etc. I just got my first pair of glasses and am thrilled that I can see again to start working on my cross stitch. I have a beautiful 'Angel of Love' that I started probably ten years ago and she hasn't been worked on in 7 or 8 years because I couldn't see to work on the linen. I pulled her out the other day. Her dress is all beadwork, so it takes good eyesite to do it. She is about 75% done and now I am all excited to get back at her.
I did make a quilt about 25 years ago, but am not so great on a sewing machine. I do much better with hand work. Wonder why that is? I took an applique class at the local YMCA many years ago and really enjoyed it. Made a bunch of wall hangings for Christmas gifts.
I didn't realize how much I missed the needlework until I started embroidering pillowcases for a wedding gift recently and am really psyched to be back at it.
Thanks for making me smile just by mentioning stitching!
I was invited to join a local Quilt Guild at the Midtown YMCA. I haven't been able to attend because my church or something else comes up on the 4th Saturday. Now that it is getting cold and I can't garden it will be a good time for me to make time to attend.
Dor you are right winter really is the time for quilting.
I tie most of my quilts and I put denim backs on most of them.
That is why the needle puller works so well. EGADS:eek: I used to use pliers.
My Hubby gave me a new set of frames last year ( my old ones are worn) they are so nice and even tho they are wood frames I really love them. I have a way to use wood frames and NO THUMB TACKS :D
I have wood frames and quilting horses that my mother and I made and have stored in the garage but I do need some smaller ones.
I know what you mean I am going to cut my old ones down so I can make smaller ones for crib, twin and small size quilts.
That way I won't have the king size frames set up all the time.
JADE if you would like pullers I would love to send one to you

Ok Kya, you are going to get me going again on the quilting, I can tell. I stopped by Michael's this morning hoping for some Christmas inspiration, I used to do very intricate crossstitches for wedding gifts for people, but have given that idea up. I do like the idea of making a quilt for my honey and I. I will PM you my address.
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