Dreams come true

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I was going to call it the Bucket List so.....I would love to sing with Rod Stewart or Susan Boyle. I'd cry and I don't know the words to songs but I CAN sing. I know like one out of every 16. I cried when I met Barbara Bush. :p ~ Curbie
Thank you Lily. I did take a kleenex :) ~ I said to this guy today ,"I<<<<< have changed my ways." And he said (swear he said this) "Oh no, don't make us try to go through this again." He is part of our DogPatch. so....i may not b/c ernie yelled at me.... :) I have no idea what laughter has to do with life but I sure do laugh a lot. But I sing a lot also. I wonder if they are related ~ laughing and singing.??? ~ :) Curbie
I am such a believer that when this Salvation Army fellow at the grocery store said,"I believe you will be rewarded b/c you give every time ON YOUR way in<<<." So on my way out, I gave again and said,"I know what my reward would be. May I please ring that bell for a few minutes? " Then he and I began to sing Jingle Bells and dance. People put so much in that little red pot, but I had to go. So.....cross off another dream come true ~ ringin' the Salvation Army bell. I got to play Happy Birthday on the garbage truck horn once :) It was my birthday and Walter said,"SURE! Get in!" My list of 'dreams come true' . Every time I say,"NOW.....>>> I <<< have a great idea...." folks run. BUT I want to be a football coach ~ Can't be hard. "You guys already know how to play the game so just go and try to win." A linebacker.....he stands behind the line???? A running person is supposed to run. The guy who has the ball should throw it. Don't get hurt. I am NOT going in the lockerroom. So...coach....and Susan Boyle ~ shouldn't be hard~ :)Curbie
Oh, Blue ~ i ~ i ~ i~ would like you as my assistant coach. (Do you know anything about football????) ~ I know how to yell, quietly. ~ Curbie
I played rugby and soccer, Mom made me quit playing football when I turned about 12 or 13. She said "they're not tackling you because you're on the other team." Which was absurd, because they couldn't tackle me at all, I was too strong.
YOU are hired ! Rugby is like the most difficult sport in the world. Where's your Mum ~ we can use her, too :) ~ Curb

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