Dreams of 2010 Tomatoes

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So, now that Catalog Fondling Season is in full swing, have you made a tomato wish list? Mine is way, way too long, but it's fun to dream, isn't it? This is what I have seeds for so far, some from trades, some given to me by generous tomato lovers, and some that I bought. It's way to much, but I love fondling their little packets and dreaming of a bigger garden.

1. Pink Berkely Tie-Dye (new)
2. Beauty King(new)
3. Earl's Faux(new)
4. Victorian Dwarf (new)
5. Gajo De Melon (new,free seeds)
6. Neves Azorean Red (new)
7. Legend (grown before)
8. Bella Rosa (grown before)
9. Micro-Tom (grown before)
10. New Big Dwarf (grown before)
11. Giant Belgium (grown before)
12. Virginia Sweets (new)
13. Stump of the World (Grown before)
14. Georgia Streak (new)
15. Dr Wyche's Yellow(new)
16. Andrew Rahart's Jumbo Red (new)
17. Souix (new)
18. Yellow Stuffer (new)
19. Pearl's Yellow Pink (new)
20. Little Lucky (new)
21. KBX (new)
22. Lucky Cross (new)
23. JD special C Tex (new)
24. Galapagos Island Tomato (new)
25. Vintage Wine (new)
26. Wild Tomato (L. skorospelka) (new)
27. Mexico (grown before)
28. Striped Cavern (grown before)
29. Rose (grown before)
30. Ponderosa Red (grown before)
31. Eva Purple Ball (grown before)
32. Tropic (grown before)
33. Mule Team (grown before)
34. Yellow Current (grown before)
35. Cherokee Purple (grown before)
36. Black From Tula (grown before)
37. Top Gun Hybrid (grown before)
38. Goose Creek (new)
Holy moly Blue if you plant all of those you will have maters comin out your ears by fall
Wow Blue..what do you do with so many varieties? I plant a couple hundred plants myself but only 3 varieties...in a field. I do a lot of canning and preserving for myself and family. I didn't make enough for any canning this last season..I'm dreaming of 2010 tomatoes myself!
I can't plant all these, that's the problem! I have room for about 30 tomato plants in the main garden, and a few more of the dwarfs in containers. I rarely plant more than one or two of each variety that I grow that season. My problem is that my "must grow" list keeps getting longer and longer!

I wanted to try some of the bi-colors, and several folks sent me some, and now I have seeds for 9 varieties, when I intended to only grow two. I mentioned wanting to try a yellow/orange variety, and now I have three or 4 to agonize over! And some are seeds I saved in previous years. The scary thing is that I'm getting as bad about tomatoes as I am about peppers. If this keeps up, you're going to need a guide and machete to get to my front door in the summer!

Gloria, I do some canning, but I eat a lot of fresh tomatoes, and share a lot with friends and family. I'm the gardener, they're the cooks.
My family and friends know to stay out of my garden till my canning is done, then they can help themselves. Of course I do share a few green tomatoes for frying before I start canning. 2008 I jarred 10 cases of tomatoes and several of salsa..I have one case of toms left. Glad I canned a lot that year!! I should have went out and bought some from one of the pick and pay farms. I've never had such bad luck with toms as we did this past season. 2010 has got to be better. We're going to plant in a different field this year, maybe that will help too.
I envy you your space. Someday, if my ship comes in, I want to move out of the city and suburbs and have a little land to plant flowers and vegetables to my heart's content. Oh, and to have a big safe yard for the dogs to rip around to their hearts content. Until then, I'll have to do much hand wringing and agonizing over which tomatoes to grow this year, and dream about what to grow next.

So, what are the three varieties that you grow?
You gave me an idea, Blue. I pretty well stick to the same tomatoes each year, but I think I will pick one that I have never tried before and try it. The ones that I must have are the Romas, Celebrity, SunGold, Sweet 100, Big Boy and Better Boy.
If you see any in that list that interest you, give me a holler. I won't use more than 10 seeds tops of most of those varieties, and if I have more than that, I'll be glad to share.
I am so glad we have plenty of room for a huge garden. Blue I will wring my hands for you too so that your choices are easier for you
Ahhh I just made out my 2010 Gruney's and Gardensalive order and Tim asked why so many tomatoes? I said because I love them and they are like flowers they are all different!

Do not forget as you place your seed orders remember you can do that through Gardenforums.com and help out our site we love so much!
There is a link at the top of each page next to the Gardenforums.com banner , there are 3 links up now, if you use the little left/right arrow selection you can find all the sites we have links to that pay when used by members. As Bob says it's not alot but helps defer the cost of running this site. If you like Gardenforums.com and you are making a purchase anyway why not suppot the site.
Blue, I love your list! I also love that I'm not the only person obsessed with seeds...some women are obsessed with shoes, but for me--it's seeds. I'm growing about 70 heirloom tomato varieties and 30+ pepper varieties for my business, and my biggest challenge is--what can I plant in our garden? Ironically, we have very little good garden space--our home is in the suburbs, in the middle of a forest. I had about 60 tomatoes last year in the garden, and then started incorporating them (and peppers) into any bit of landscape that received enough sun...and into pots...and around the pool...Still, it's tricky to decide what warrants space! There are so many new (to me) heirlooms that I want to try! Enjoy making your selections--and please let us know what you decide!

Yeah, I stick mostly to heirloom and open pollinated varieties. I will always have at least one Tomato Spotted Wilt Virus resistant variety every year. I lost all my plants to TSWV in 2001 and 2002. I think Bella Rosa is the best tasting of the TSWV varieties that I've tried, but Amelia's production is hard to beat!

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