Easter lily question

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I was going through some stuff in my garage today looking for pots and I found a pot with my easter lily from last year in it! I had forgotten i put it out there. I took the bulb out of the dirt to see if it is any good and it looks pretty bad. I dont know much about lilies so if anyone can tell me what they think about this bulb i would appreciate it. I would like to know if it may be worth trying to pot up or if i should compost it?



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I would plant it outside too and see if it grows or not.
I have some in my garden that I've gotten or bought after Easter
I cant plant it outside its not hardy for my Zone...but i could try putting it in water and seeing if it roots. Should i submerge it or just stick the bottom in water? It would be lovely if it did grow.

Really? wow ok I will try planting it outside then..I thoght they didnt gro here:D Thanks Laurie!!

I decided to put it in a pot and grow it inside because I am working so much on my flower beds this year that I dont even know were I would put it right now and I dont want to loose track of it. So i got a nice pot of fresh potting soil and some worm castings and made a nice mix then planted it and watered it well and put it in the spare bedroom. It will get good light there without direct sunlight. Hopefully in a few weeks I will see some sign of growth:)

Thanks for the help everyone.

RR yours looks like it has some life left in it. I hope it comes back for you.

I sure hope they come back in zone 5. They had some big ones for sale for $10.99. I just knew they wouldn't sell them all by Easter so I went back on Friday and sure enough the flowers were dead and they were on sale for $2. I bought two and they each have two bulbs in the pots. I will plant them as soon as I am sure where I want them. I lost a lot of plants this winter so I’ll have a lot of holes to fill.

I just saw them start new Easter lily plants on TV. They just take one little leaf from the bulb and put the end in potting soil and in time they have a new plant. It takes two years before they bloom. I learn something new every day.
Nice find! I sure hope this one will come back for me also. Thats neat about taking one little leaf off the bulb! I will have to try that next year:)

blessings Bernie, your an inspiration:D

I found my Easter lily peeping through the soil at me this week. It appears to have multiplied as it has three different green shoots forming.
Hey RiverRock haven't seen you in awhile.Girl plant that Easter Lily should come back to life.Mine are about two inches tall now.Everything's coming back to life.:)

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