Easy Organic Weed Control

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The first one I like is so easy. It works both for veggies and flowers or even shrubs. As you begin cleaning out beds in spring use news paper to spread in layers of 4-6 sheets making sure to over lap the edges. As those of you who know me know I am an orgainc gardener and I use everything to its best use. So I use grass clippings leaves and or straw to line my beds over the newspaper. Then as time goes by I continue to add fresh clippings and in a few months I add new layers of paper right on top of the clippings and such and continue to cover with mulch / clippings. This does several things in your gardens. It retains moisture to the soil in the summer, prevents weed seeds from sprouting, keeps roots cool and compost naturally without much effort on your part right in your garden where you need it. It's soil conservation, water conservation , and recycling at its best! Stay tuned for the next weed control tip.
so glad to hear I am not the only one...I have done most my beds...veggies and flowers this way so many many years...works so wonderfully...when it comes to planting it really is easy....have you used the mushroom compost ever? I have been offered a truck load...and I am all for any compost/mulch for free....thanks for any information you might have CG
will be saving all the newspaper this winter for the gardens in the spring
thanks for the tips my friends
Edging your gardens can be cheap easy and orgainic. Vinegar! I like to put it in my sprayer and set the nozzle so I can control how wide the spray is. Vinegar will kill most grasses and weeds that creep in to your beds. I edge my veggie garden with it also. You have to give the offending weed a nice bath in it but they wil dry up and die.
Weeds sprout on open cultivated sites just as you start to grow your plants. Annuals from seed, perennials from regrowth. There's a second flush in the fall, some grow nearly all year around. In garden beds where there are plants you like growing close-by, pulling weeds by hand is simply the best method of control.

You don’t need to worry about herbicide drift (even organic herbicide drift) hitting your desirable plants, or making your soil inhospitable. Yeah, boiling water to kill weeds is totally inefficient – but if you have an area of weeds right outside your kitchen door, why not dump your leftover boiling water on the weeds in between the sidewalk cracks? It works about as well as the organic herbicides and makes more sense than dumping the water down the drain!
termite is another such problem as weed.
Welcome and Thanks Wallace for the great tip. I use boiling water to kill fire ant beds. Nothing more natural than that.
Oh I just found a source for mushroom compost and my neighbor and I are going to get 4 yards this weekend. I can't wait. It's $30. for 2 yards!!! That's a great price
These things are right but we just need to do these things correctly.
What you say about it share it on the below of this page.

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