Fall Feeding

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Fall is the best time to feed your lawns.

Research shows that grasses can store energy to help survive winter and the shorter days. Your lawns will also green up quicker and the healthier.

Anytime before the snow flies will work, but if you are using a weed and feed or a pre-emergent, do it now so they can work.

Don't plant any seed if using a pre-emergent.


Another tip for the thrifty budgets out there: When the leaves fall off the trees, mulch or mow them into little bits and pieces around their original trees, bushes. Like forestry, the nutrients in the leaves are re-introduced to the soil. The same with grass clippings. A healthy lawn will recycle itself, and by all means, save yourself the trouble of racking and back issues.
So if you feed your crops in fall, they'll sure survive winter? Wow i never knew that it was possible for plants to live through winter.
If ya pick the right perennials they are hardy to most cold zones. I consider anything that won't take -25* annuals

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