Fern separation

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I have a hanging fern and I dont remember what kind it is but it is really overcrouded in the pot it is in and I want to repot it but I dont really want to use a bigger pot. I was thinking about breaking the plant in half and repotting it. I am not sre if this can be done with this type fern or not.

Can anyone help me on this? Also does nayone know what kind this is?

thanks and blessings,



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I believe you have an asparagus fern there. I had one years ago.Any ways you should be able to take the plant out of the pot and get off as much dirt as you can then ; this I found on internet for you;
The asparagus fern needs to be repotted only when the roots are cramped to the point of raising the soil level an inch or so above the pot rim. At this point, the rootball will look like a solid mass of tough roots. And they are tough.

Either repot your asparagus fern into a larger container or divide it and plant it into two or more containers. To divide the clump, use a saw -- yes, a saw -- to cut the clump into two or more pieces. Don't worry about severing the water storage structures in the roots. Use any well-drained potting soil to repot.
don't know if this will help you or not, but thought i would try.
that sounds about right to me. I've done that before. I have several asparagus ferns and that is how I do it if I want more plants. or I have just repotted in a bigger pot.
wow that is neat....a saw huh..lol Thanks for the help I will have to decide if i want to make more plants or go with a larger pot for now. Its amazing how hardy some plants are.

River You can devide the plant as said above and hang them outside for the summer. You will get alot of growth on it in one season. and then you could give them away as gifts for special occasions.
I had not thought about putting it outside for the summer..it gets very hot here in the 90s and up over 100 at times..is that to hot for it? I placed it in a bigger pot for now but I think I will divide it later in the spring and give some plants away. I love the plant it is really neat and it blooms these teenee tiny white blooms. It has bloomed couple times for me. In december it had lots of blooms on it.

thanks everyone!,

River I had one for many years and always put in out on the porch for the summer, in NY our summers get very hot in the 90's and sometimes up to 100. The proch was south facing so it got sun all day long. The only problem I had with putting it out was when I brought it back in for the winter, it would drop it's needles. I would cut the stems back to a few inches long and let it regrow. It was such a beautiful plant that I was able to sell it for $35.00 when I moved.

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