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Ok so i have all vegies and some roots (beets and carrots) what would the best ferts be for them to grow massive? ill also when ferting be using a rooting hormone dripper (super thrive) please let me know


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Staff member
are you asking about fertilizing? feeding the plants?...If they are new I personally would hold off ...I use compost tea myself to feed my veggies a general feeding at they grwo...i do add epsome salts and crushed oryster shells around my tomato...this not only feeds them but also helps with slug/snail control... I am organic...I always use none chem....
For the compost tea I take 5 gallon buckets and put in two shovel laods in each bucket......add water and allow to steep for a day ...I also usually put newspaper over the top of the buckets...then water at the base of the plants...I do this once a month through the growing season...

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