few flowers

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I have afew perennials still in flower espically the marigolds This spring I had good luck with my sub phloxs resized.jpg

resized2.jpg I haven't been here lately as my computer was down I am glad things are up again.


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glad you still have some pretties..all I got is some yellow and orange cosmos
and they are skragly....


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nice pics! The only thing blooming for me is my Beauty Berry and my Texas Star. A few of the grasses are blooming for fall but in a few weeks I should have some mums in bloom.


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Here's a few photos I don't think I posted yet:
1/ Chinese Mint Bush with bumblebee! Bees love the late summer/fall flowering when other perennials are finished for the year!
2+3/Gaillardia~ Another perennial for the summer and fall. Mine bloom nonstop all season and will continue until hard frost in another month!
They are very drought tolerant!
4/ Platycodon 'Astra Mix" This is a new cultivar series that bloom over a longer period rather then just for a few weeks! They are short, which I love, living in a very windy with frequent gale force winds! They grow to 12" bloom over the whole season. They come in a variety of colors and doubles! This one is "Astra Blue"! Mine are late blooming since I started the seed in June! They do bloom their first from seed!
5/ Hosta "Gold Drop" ~ dwarf cultivar that will bloom twice, in the early summer then again in late summer/early Fall!


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