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this the first rose to bloom this year it's called Baby love an old fashion single petal rose about 3 inches wide its much yellower than it shows in the pic, if it stays warm I'll have more roses blooming soon

I love yellow roses. Thanks for sharing GB.
It's been cold here the last couple of days
frost advisory for tonight
65-70 for tomorrow
80's for thurs and fri
strange weather we've been having,
Beautiful GB...Yellow roses are one of my favorite but haven't had alot of luck with the yellow tea roses here. Hoping to get a yellow fairy shrub rose this year.
I had a bloom but got excited and cut it for my friend before I took a picture...Its a lavender rose...Proud Land...the scent is heavenly. Another bud will be opening anyday...looks like McCartney and Tiffany are ready to bloom also. Is a rosebud like water waiting to boil...if you watch it too won't open.
Bad news is...I think my Sundance graft died and now I have the root stock coming up and getting ready to bloom. This has happened to just about every rose I bought from a local greenhouse....I am not going to buy anymore roses from them :(
Smelly Melly, I have the pink fairy rose it should bloom in about 2 weeks if the weather stays warm but tonight we are going to get frost so they say
What is up with all these late frosts?? We had a frost warning night before last as well. I just planted three roses in my garden. All three David Austins, William Shakespeare, Charlotte, and Pat Austin. They are own root roses so hopefully with good winter protection they'll do fine.

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That's a pretty little yellow rose GB.All my rose's have bloomed the first round now their rebuding.I love roses.
GB...I have the pink fairy shrub called "Lovely" It is my favorite...that is why I want a yellow. Haven't had any luck finding one though.
GG...can't wait to see pictures of those blooming...they are all gorgeous!!
SL...I would love to have an earlier spring...but would really miss my snow
First blooms!
Congratulations! Very pretty!
I should have had a more blooms by now but I have a new pest that I hope to post soon elsewhere in the Rose section *lol

Here is my very first bloom for 2009!
It is Love Struck, I hope she does well, not as pretty as my teas;)
Not really fragrant, I got her in a trade for a shrub/bush I returned (the one I paid for ) that was ill.Isn't she pretty??:)
As you can see I have not painted that garage yet! rain in forecast every 2-3 days and they lied!*LOL weather reports grrrrrrrrrrr...

My Grandifloras aren't looking too good they are extremely slow this year..:(

I do however have enough roses to have buds everywhere*lol
Even my diseased pest infested (last year) (I think it is Don Juan) I received from a landscaping job last year..He has tons of buds this year! :)
Well I am off to a day of chores I miss you all..
It is great to know there are many missed ..some people don't miss anyone or anything ..
Catch up with you all ...
Again..thanks for sharing! I do enjoy a yellow rose.



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Thats very pretty Kale!! I think the overall appearance is prettier than a tea, but the blossom itself isn't as spectacular as a tea. I am really enjoying the shrub roses this year and want more...gonna check out this Love Struck...TFS!! I miss you too...don't work too hard.
Thank you Rosarians! :D:D:D

Here is my 2nd bloom. I probably should have had several by now but I have a new wormie and aphids,aphids are taken care of but the wormie (caterpillar) is new to my playback in ever seeing. I have been packed busy too bad I am not getting $$ for much if any of it*LOL
You will see and conclude you are correct, I need to be put away in a room with just roses *LOL.

I am still a few hundred to plant.. behind a bit which includes, my veggies and herbs potting flowers etc…and a new garden veggie plot :D:D 20 X 10 .I'm mostly focused on roses *lol naa..everything *lol
Here is the second bloom to make it, there are hundreds of blooms to go :D:D

This is an own root cutting from 2005 which has a prettier (more solid looking, more petals, firmer then past years. ) I peeked couldnt locate a pic of last years..

I think I posted it

Well great to be here for a few..have to go paint a garage etc...grrrrrrr
I'll stop by in between the belly butterflies on the ladder:eek::eek::eek:
Id rather be pruning or smelling a rose*LOL Teas' foliage is breath taking, until black spot comes,
then well..there isn't much to see.... but the fabulous huge scented blooms...:D:D I'll take a few pics, I tell you the variations are acceptable:) very different in color feel and overall look...

I have to go for now..
Thank you and still missin'...



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:D Thank -you Maggie.:D
I have lots of blooms now can't wait to take a pic been too busy but I did stop to smellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll oh my!! sure didn't want to go.............

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