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Hey there everyone! I live in Sandusky, Ohio and my husband and I love to tend to our garden at our new house! We just moved in about two months ago and the weather is just starting to get nice here, so we are super excited!! In our old garden I always used a garden apron, because I loved the fact that you could have something lightweight that you could carry your small tools in other then a tool belt. My friend had a great idea though, She and I hike a lot as well and we always wear a photo vest with us when we hike. They are great for when you need to snap a picture and don't want to have to stop to unload your pack. She starting using a old dirty one she had as an alternative to her apron and she raved about it. So I gave it a try and the feeling was mutual. It's so much nicer because they have 20 pockets opposed to 3 or 4 in a garden apron. Also, some brands sell a lighter version and it is pretty much made of a mesh material so it breaths a lot more! If you have one maybe from fishing or possibly from hiking you should definitely give it a try!! Hope the advice helps!!
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Sounds like a great idea

Actually, it's a lousy idea, and the poster was only trying to promote their website (I deleted the link attached to the word "Photo Vest")

So, why is it a lousy idea? Because photo vests, like anything else labeled "Photo" are very expensive. I should know, I own one for my photo gear. The doggone thing cost me nearly $100.

I'd use a hunting or fishing vest instead. It will work the same, but costs less. You can probably find one at a secondhand store or yard sale and I'll bet you can get them for under $10 that way.

PS - If you really do want a photo vest, buy it from me, not some spammer...

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