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Found another nest in my yard with three babies. I was moving stuff around getting ready to mow and till my garden area.

It sure is cute. My daughter said she saw a rabbit in the pasture next to the house with some of the beavers, but we don't get a lot of rabbits around here.
How sweet. We had a nest of bunnies last year. We put a wooden stool over the top to protect it as it was out in the open. We joked that we had to be to only folks in Iowa that protect a nest of bunnies lol

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He looks like he is a mad bunny! LOL! My cat had a baby in his mouth the other night. We were sitting on the deck afterdark and we heard this high scream. Now living in the swap you hear crazy stuff. We actually thought it was a bird. Then I saw my cat slinking across the yard. I went and got a flashlight and saw he had something in his mouth. I went out there and he dropped it. Poor little thing wasn't as big as the palm of my hand. I grabbed the cat and put him in for the night. The next mronging bunny was gone. I'm thinking happy ending maybe Mom came and got him.
This is the second nest that I found. This one was palm size also. The last one the babies eyes were not open yet. I put something over the nest so that my dogs would not see them. Not sure what type rabbit it is, they are just your standard wild rabbits. I see them in the yard all of the time. I have not had any problems with them eating my stuff yet.....
Awww it's so cute.We have bunnies everywhere now.I took my Pom out this morning there were 3 grown rabbit's in my yard eating grass.:)
It is too bad that they are so cute and eat everything available. I will have to use CG's hot pepper spray to keep them out of my garden.
a few yrs ago my male came home with a baby bunny in his mouth. I took it away from him but he kept going back to it so I ended up putting him in the house for the rest of the day. I asked my brother if he saw where my cat came from but he didnt' so left the bunny by the shed and he was gone in the am so hoping that mommy came and got him
Last year my son was over and his dog found a nest of 3. the nest was torn apart and I'm sure mom never returned. we kept the babies for a few weeks until they were big enough to survive and then let them go where we had found them. It was about 4 months and then they showed up to eat my garden. I shared with them and eventually they left. This may be one of their offspring.

Good luck dt!
My wife's stepdad used to take all the prunings from his trees and place them around the trees in the wooded area that he had on his nursery/farm. It was odd to see all these brush piles around the bases of the big trees. He explained to me that the piles were his rabbit hotels. By placing all the prunings around the trees, it gave the rabbits both cover from the snow and food to chew on in the winter months. It also kept them from eating the bark from the other trees and killing them. His name was Christian Pataky and was a very gentle man. He was well-known among nut growers and travelled some to state fairs including his home state of Ohio to act as a judge.
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Ok Cute they are until........ They ate the tops off of all my black beans this week. I had these great plants about 4-6 inches tall, now I have green sticks:(
I was weedeating yesterday and found my first snake... a baby hognose. This morning went to put some items in my recycle bin and found one of the baby rabbits had found his way into it. The bins are in my garage next to the stairs and I left my garage bay door open last night. He must have wandered in. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to