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Oh WOW...nothing in life is free...but paint is! of course - you order a quart, then use it and buy two more!!!
I ordered it to paint my small bathroom and maybe have to buy only a quart more instead of two.
I got through entering everything but I am stuck on my order is being transmitted but I am not going to leave that site until I get a confirmation or something telling me it went through. Did you all get something telling you that LB and Ms T? It has been that way for several hours, the same for my friend.
Ok it's done. I did it and over and it went through. I order the Deep Dusty Rose for my master bath room. I had my window treatments already made in a sage green olive and gold floral.
I ordered mine too, want to paint the whole house so will start with a bathroom
You can use your mom's address to get a second can. I actually used Lysle's , now if I can just convince him it's not for him.
Good idea CG I am going to use my daughter's address to paint my hall bath as she is having her house painted next week by a professional painter and have to buy her paint by Monday.

I think I might get the Swiss coffee Maggie and get a quart of light blue and paint the room with the stripes.
We will be having the kitchen, living room, dinning room and hall painted after the remodel so every little bit will help. I need to settle on the colors with Jim then I'll order some for my son and my daughter and myself. Every little bit will help. Thanks!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to