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I wanted to share this with you all. When we go to Springfield for appointments, we pass the Bank of Springfield on the way. They have a fabulous display of plants and the traffic always slows down in front of the bank. Hubby and I have often enjoyed this display and recently a website was listed in a newpaper article I wanted to share with you all. Enjoy the slideshows and learn a little bit about plants as you go along. I know after watching this garden evolve over the past couple of years, I am definately going to take some tips and ideas from the site and try to duplicate a few in my own backyard. The garden designer is fabulous!:D:D
Chatty. Thanks for your post and comments on my work at the Bank of Springfield. I was reviewing blog activity today and noticed traffic from I decided to join and see what the site is all about. I came across your post . . . and now I see where the traffic is originating. Thanks so much!

Adam Woodruff
You are very welcome! I cannot tell you have much we enjoy the garden at BOS. It is most impressive! Thank you for making us smile when we go by the bank. There is always something new to look at! I hope you will stop by gardenforums often, this is a new site, full of great people who love gardening. Welcome to GF!:D
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Chattycarnation thank you so much for the link to the gardens of Springfield bank what a fabulous landscaping job. I really love the natural design of the planting beds.

Adam I followed the link to your blog, how informative. I have bookmarked your site and will now look into opening an account with google so I can receive updates on your blog.
Welcome to Gardenforum I do hope you do check in with use every now and then, your expertise will be of such value to our members.
Welcome Adam
lovely gardens, sure hope you come to visit us often
i got an email from chatty with the link it in
Adam thanks for the link for guarding gone wild. You must be thrilled that they featured your landscaping job at the bank on their site. The site looks very interesting and I booked marked it so I can go back read more of it. I know you will find garden forums and blogs a very good source for information, gardeners love to share.
The garden is just wonderful. I always have a hard time in grouping my plants to show off each one. I hope I can borrow some of your ideal's.
Thanks chatty for posting the link.
Adam, Welcome to the forum.
Hi Sharon. I was thrilled when Fran Sorin and Nan Ondra asked me to be a guest blogger on their site. is a great resource!

Hi Flower4Yeshua. Feel free to use plant combinations you find on I am glad you find the site useful. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to