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ok I will be finishing the tobacco stick fence up end of week. Now I need some advise from any of you because I know most all of you have years of garden experience over me! I started building garden paths today. right now I just laid the pavers on the grass untill a few days later I will dig down and set the pavers so I can mow over them. What I want is a perennial, something that grows very low, something perhaps with color (tiny flowers) something that will also perhaps stay green all yr maybe. any suggestions please? here are some pictures so far..




Creeping Thyme would work. There are several species that stay low and are easily kept short by mowing them! You can even use them as a grass substitute!
Right now I'm starting cuttings from a Wooly Thyme I will be planting them out on the lawn where I have problems growing grass!
Here's some photos of my Creeping Thyme I started decades ago and have now spread to cover a large area where grass would not grow! A few other patches have poppe dup in other areas of the lawns and I'm going to encourage and help it spread out. It also suppresses weed growth so it is a bonus, as is the fact that Thyme is evergreen, and stays green during periods of drought!
A mix with Wooly Thyme (furry grey green) would be a nice blend!
I only mow the Thyme every couple of weeks, so it saves me time<---pun intended!


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Creeping Thyme sounds like what I would need! I guess it would spread fast and take hold. I think I would want it started on both edges and just let it grow between thepavers. thanks alot for your input! Sometimes I see plants in other peoples garden that I like but dont know the name. So I try looking it up on the internet. thanks again to Ronsgarden!!
Creeping mint also will grow fast, and has tiny white and purple flowers. If you would like some let me know. Almost my entire yard is mint and I will be happy to share.;)
I forgot to mention that I also have Greek Oregano, in another area of the lawn that escaped from the neglected gardens!
When I rebuilt the rock garden, last year, I exterminated it, and this year I'm still finding seedlings popping up, but are easily pulled out!
Both smell wonderful when I walk on it, even stronger when I mow it!
The oregano is more aggressive then the Creeping Thyme once it become established in the lawn!!
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