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I didn't quite know where to put this but I am starting some of my new garden projects and was wandering around the internet and I found site :eek: bad news for me because I now have more projects to try. ANyway the site is and they have the coolest garden projects and most of them are recycled projects. There are greenhouses that are table top to bigger ones built by school kids. Using plastic bottles for self watering pots, self waterers for your outside plants, upside down planters. How to build hydroponic systems this project will make my culebra happy next winter. LMAO add this site to my rainbarrel system, casket planter, and landscape timber planters. I am goign to need lots of screws, saw blades, and a third drill battery
wow what an awesome site
i could spend hrs on it just looking around
saw some things that i want to build/make
many thanks
sfishergirl what a great site. Thanks for posting it. It does look like a place you can sopend a lot of time at just looking around.
sfishergirl I clicked on it just long enough to add it to my favorites. OMG I have so many projects planned for this spirng and summer already. I'm afraid to look. LOMAO I will look and I know me I will be adding to my list of projects. TFS
I am not sure how I found that site but wow I love it. Just glad I found something worth passing along to others. I found 5 projects before I had even spent 30 mins on the site and there were so many more to look at
Cool site! I like the gummy shot glasses. LOL! Hey Maine, how do you think that sounds with a little tequila?
Interesting site. The VHS tape clock gave me some ideas! ( course,I would have to go to that 1 hu ) Thanks for sharin' with us all! :D
Cool site! I like the gummy shot glasses. LOL! Hey Maine, how do you think that sounds with a little tequila?

sounds good, i bought the tequila when i was passing thru nh this afternoon as it's cheaper there. :D you making the shot glasses? is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to