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Sharing a few Gardenia bloom's their so pretty this morning and you can smell them all over the yard.:)


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I sit outside this morning before it began to get hot.You could smell the Gardenia's sweet scent.


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Ahhhh I can smell them from here! Oh wait that's the thousands around me LOL! Mine bloomed last week and now is all brown. They are maybe my favorite flowering shrub. Makes me think of my childhood. Mom would make me pour the pickle juice on them for the acid.
Speaking of Gardenias. I am new to the gardening world, and I am so in love with it. Came across a beautiful Gardenia plant and for a good price, couldn't resist. I knew I was getting into something hard, but how can you resisit this beautiful flower. Figured if I want this apart of one of my gardens then I have to start getting my experience somewhere. I am planning on growing it in a pot, right now I think its in a 1 gallon container. I have had success with my more difficult plants as compared to not so difficult, weird huh? So I am crossing my fingers with this one. First question, I brought Azalea potting mix. I assuming is my best bet? I have orchids that I feed with Orchid food 20-20-20 but at half strength. Is this a food I can use on my gardenias since they lare acid loving plants like my orchids? If I plant them in this potting mix do I need to worry about giving them liquid feed. I think the Azalea potting mix is Kellog??? If anyone is familiar with that. I plan on getting a Miraclegro liquidfeed high in Phosphate, also known as bloom booster. I plan on using it with other plants, can my Gardenias be included? With that question for anyone who knows, can my Gerbera daisies be included with that liquid feed. Or do I use a different liquid feed with those too plants or non at all because they are in pots with good potting mix? Sorry for bombarding you guys with the questions as I am trying to gain as much knowledge so I can grow myself a green thumb :) Thanks for reading....PLMK as I am in desperate need of experienced knowledge!! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to