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If you are like us, your yard and gardens come alive in the warm months, not only with plants, but with guests as well.
Using lighting described in another thread is one way to highlight your gardens. What are some other ways you can play up those lovely lillies, vigorous violets, rambling roses, etc?

If you are having a get-together at your place - including birthday parties, showers & teas - a great way to share your flowering bounty is to take cuttings a couple of weeks before, pot them into cut small containers, (you can decorate with the plant name, person name, etc), make up care & feeding info on index cards or card stock and give these as gifts, party favors, etc.

Of course, you could also give your guests a small container with a packet of seeds inside - special seed packets are easy to make, esp with a computer & printer. Colored ribbons glued or tied around the container & seed packet could make it highly festive for a baby shower. Pink ribbon, seeds for pink flowers, etc would be great for a girl!

You can continue to tie the theme to the plants - such as - pot up some cooking herbs for a bridal shower.

What are some other ideas you've come up with? :)
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I throw a Black Tie Potluck for my hiking group every year around Christmas. Our favorite liine to each other is "you really clean up well!" Formal dress is required and the only other time we see each other is on the trails. Our hikes average about 10 miles with scrambling. I use white pine roping all over my house (it's still up between all of the pocket doors with lights too I might add.) One year I had grown alot of flowers for drying and made tiny boquets of dried flowers mixed with fresh pieces of other evergreens, hot glued them together and wired them to the roping, It worked beautiful.
What darling ideas. I wish I were that creative. I have my moments but not many of em.
I like to garnish food I serve with things from the garden.....Put nasturtiums on a plate and make it more colorful. If you serve iced tea, put some fresh mint leaves at the top of each glass, or put mint on cantaloupe.

If it's not too buggy, sit outside and enjoy the surroundings. Containers filled with combinations of stuff look great on decks, patios or any type of outside space.

If you grow flowers that are suitable for use as cut flowers, create a floral centerpiece or bouquet using flowers from your garden. If you are having a buffet, dress up the buffet table with vases of flowers at either end or any way you want to arrange them.
wedding parties

Be sure to have little packages of bird seed and not rice for the wedding guests to toss at the bride and groom as the rice is dangerous for our fine feathered friends.

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