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I don,t know much about annuals but my brother picked the flowers off that looked like they were dying he wondered if they would produce more flowers. He thought I knew and I don,t mostly perennials My brothers like them but I am afraid that they won,t come back. we have a bet going ,I told I would find out the answer thanks alot hope you,s can help.:)


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Rosy, usually removing dead blooms (deadheading) will help plants to continue blooming. It's not a gaurantee that more blooms will produce but who wants dead blooms hanging on anyway..:)


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it will help them bloom more by deadheading them, you can keep them in the house all winter in a bright window and then but them back out in the spring


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hello and welcome to the forum!

There are actually annual and perennial types of geraniums. deadheading helps the plant to focus its energy into blooming instead of producing leaves and stems. Your brother is doing the right thing. :)


I have had some nice summer geraniums this year.

I have dug a deep trench and buried my fuchsias and also some geraniums.For the winter.

And rest put in a deep box wrapped in paper and put in the attic.

Kept a few for the pleasure in my conservatory.

I bought a new one last year from Jersey Plants and its a yellow geranium the flower is beautiful but the plant is slow growing.

We had a holiday in Salzburg this year and the geraniums were amazing so much so want to grow more next year.

I wonder what they do with all their geraniums as the climate a lot colder than us I think is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to