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When you use grass clippings do you...

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When I use grass clippings as mulch, at times I use them fresh, to feed the plants. But most often I allow them to set for a few days and then use them. This is when I want to stop the weeds. When I use them fresh I am always concerned about the heat and possiable damage to the roots of my veggies. Was wondering how others use them.
Neither LOL I let the grass dry and my horse eat's it she love's it.She come's running when she hear's the mower start.LOL
I have never used them for that. I'm anxious to see how CG uses them as she uses them all the time in her gardens. I usually put them in the compost bin. Great idea Debe about posting this poll. I'm curious to see how everyone uses them.
When I had my big garden I put fresh or dried between the rows to walk on and surrounded my Roma tomatoes with it except for about a 6 inch diameter from the stem. I don't like tree mulch at all, but I love grass mulch. I also used to keep a pile of it that I'd turn periodically behind my garage at another place we lived and mix that with the oak and maple leaves that fell in fall.
Thanks All...Yes I do put into the compost also...really gets things heating up...but have always used it to mulch also..very interesting mixing with the leaves only...I bet that makes a nice mulch also...
I use them both ways. I use hot clippings in my path ways and dry clipping next to my plants. If you put hot clippings against your plants you run the risk of wilt or killing your lants. But I have used this method for about 20 years;)
There was no ticky box for "it depends".

If I'm using it as a top coat over weed paper, I just toss it where I want it. If I'm using it as a mulch on soil around plants, I let it sit for at leat a few days.

And if I've let the weeds get ahead of me before I mow, I let the county haul it off to compost.
If I have just planted seeds I use them hot or if it's to kill weeds down use them hot. If I have a lot ( my neighbor brings me his ) I put the excess in the compost , makes it cook faster and it makes the richest soil;)
I used grass clippings for both paths and mulch around my plants. For the paths I put down newspaper first and around the plants I used it fresh on well established plants. I never had a problem with using grass clippings. I also put them in the compost pile.
I'm with Blue but I never let it go in the trash. I've been know to take my neighbor's grass clippings they set out for the trash man. :)
Hey I use to get in the truck on yard waste day and go get every bag I could fit in the truck. Now where I live they don't collect yard waste but I have a great neighbor who baggs his grass and brings it to me every week:D
I also use older grass clippings as a mulch and the ''hot stuff'' as a weed suppressant. My Dad used them exclusively in his garden for over 50 years and always had great crops. My compost bin speeds up it's decomposition when clippings are added, they're a wonderful mulch, weed killer and compost rolled into one and best of all it's free!:)
I use them for mulch also, I place newspaper around the plants overlapping as I go and then wet it real good then cover with the grass clippings. It works great as a weed barrier and as an in garden compost;)
I've never thought about using them as mulch...*hmmm*

I just mow and let them go wherever

we have been having so much rain tho that I can here the grass grow so I may have to try that :D
That's a great thing if you don't have a use for them. It helps build the soil in your lawn. One word of caution, if using them as mulch do not lay them fresh againt the plants , the ehat will hurt some tender plants. I make a little bowl around the plants until the grass is brown and dry. then I scoot it around them. The newspaper idea works great but don't use the ad slicks as they don't not compost well. I rarely have to weed if I continue the process over and over throughout the seaseon. I just start at one end of the garden and go to the other and then strat all over again. I'll have to try to post some pictures. I had an entire thread up on this at one time but it may have been on our old site, can't remember, old age ya know. LOL! :D
I use grass clipping for the shade garden when needed, grass will rot faster when damp and help the soil , most of the time when I mow I let the mower mulch the clippings back in the lawn. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to