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I suggest a good spray of Sevin spray but I know there will be a conflict of interest with all organic gardeners. I live in the country and organics don't always work for me. Sevin dust and spray does help alot. I try to use it as little as possible if at the vegetable garden but the yard is another story.
Welcome to GF, Jeepfreek, hope you feel at home here and post often.
Get ducks they will clean up an infestation of grasshoppers in no time. That is if you are zoned to have them
thanks for the welcome! I will try Sevin. I had been considering it, but just wasn't sure if it would work. My garden is currently located in my greenhouse until I get rid of these hoppers. I would love to do the duck thing....but, they are not allowed here as pets. Which is strange since I live in a small town of 630 people.

I do try to be as organic as possible, but that has led to a lot of creeping jenny....
I had an invasion of them a few years ago. I ended up going out and purchasing a hopper bait it was all that saved some of my plants. they were a hungry crew that invaded cause they ate things down to the ground.
That isb to bad about not being able to have ducks they really will clean the grasshoppers out.
WELCOME to our group we are glad you joined in. Please enjoy your stay.
lynpenny- What do you mean by hopper bait? I am open to all suggestions. they are now starting to get into my greenhouse.
I went to the hardware store and told them my problem and they sold me something called grasshopper bait. it was some thing you had to be careful with but it helped. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to