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GREEN TOMATO PICKLES (aprox. 8 pints)

Slice up---------
4 qts green tomatoes
4 small onions
4 green peppers (or hot peppers)
Sprinkle 1/2 to 3/4c pickling salt over this and let it sit overnight
Next--drain well

In a big pot----
1qt cider vinegar
3c sugar (or less--depending how sweet you want them--original recipe had NO sugar-yuk!)
1T black pepper
1T mustard seed
1T celery seed
1T cloves
1T allspice
1T cinnamon
Bring to a boil----add vegtables and simmer another 20 minutes.
Pack in hot jars and process in a BWB for 5 minutes.

NOTE: There seemed to be quite a lot of "juice" --so as I packed the jars I only put in enough of the juice to cover the veggies.
Thanks Randy--but cant take the credit for this one. My friends father wanted me to make some for him but I didn't have a recipe--so he got it from his mother! So it's an oooooooold recipe-lol. I think that's why the original recipe called for salt in the brine-not sugar. Back then the farmers liked
their "salt" pickles. Plus there were times they had no sugar. But my friends father likes the "sweet" kind--and he's diabetic--so I made the first batch with splenda. He liked them--but he said they weren't quite sweet enough-so the next batch I made with regular sugar -and made him promise to go easy on them!! :eek:;)
Good for you, GP. I make pickled green beans for my neighbor across the road. His daughter gave me the recipe his wife used when she was alive. I'll have to try and get some of those made for him this year too.
Got a question
Don't have all the spices on hand but have a lot of pickling spice,if so how many T or Tps .
The recipe is quite close to the Dilly Bean recipe in the Ball Blue Book. So, yes!
This was one of the things that I would never try cuz I was so sure I wouldn't like them that I didn't get her recipe.
Now that she is gone I sure wish I had.
There are a lot of recipies on google but I couldn't begin to tell you which one is the one she used. I'm Sorry
Thanks Miss KyaD I will look it up,I have had a couple of recipe but none of the old people around to ask anymore,But I bet your mom recipe was a winner. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to