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New Member
I am Bluewolf AKA Wolfie

I am a 40yr old female (feel like I'm 80)
I am very laid back and have a twisted sense of humor at times
I don't get to serious about much anymore don't need the stress or aggravation My life takes care of that for me
I come to forums to relax
While I do chime in from time to time on "adult" matters.I mostly
just enjoy chit chatting with other members,seeing all their neat stuff
and learning new things

I am an avid gardener and birdwatcher/feeder. I picked up the digital photography bug about 2 years ago and love it

I take lots and lots of pics of my different flowers,gardens,critters and my furkids.

Speaking of my furkids I have 4

BooBoo my 16 year old Blacklab mix

Valentine my 5 yr old lop eared bunny

and Moochie my 1 1/2 yr old who I adopted from my local ASPCA July 3rd

And my BF of almost 6 yrs (the biggest kid of all)

I have been un employed since May 7th (and hope to be re-employed very soon before I hurt someone) :rolleyes:
I look forward to sharing hints and tips as well as general jibber jabber and sillyness with you all here

Thanks For having me :D

OMGosh Wolfie WELCOME to our family it sounds like you are gonna fit right in.
Ask questions, make suggestions, relax but most of all have fun.
Hey Wolfie good to have you with us. we are all a big bunch of kids who like to garden. We have some really sweet ones on here. jump in anywhere you want and have fun.
Welcome Wolfie, glad you joined us. Jump right in and make yourself at home.
Hope to see you around more and welcome again

What warm welcomes!!


I can't be on long today got chores to do
but I plan on being around more in the near future

Hi Wolfie,
Glad you found us. Sounds like you will fit right in! We are a fun loving bunch who have a wide range of talents to share. I look forward to getting to know you.
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