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I just joined and I'm looking forward to posting more in the future. I just started growing peppers this spring and this forum struck me as extremely resourceful.

Here's my grow list:

-Hungarian Wax

All of these were grown in pots. Next spring I plan on growing hotter peppers and reserving a spot in my community garden for general vegetables.

I'm studying Chemical engineering right now, so I find the chemical side of gardening interesting(pH levels,the effect of N,P, and K, etc). Hopefully as I gain experience I can post some pictures and perhaps even dish out some advice. In the meantime, I'm just here to learn.

Hi CPL and welcome. Nice collection of peppers you have growing. I plant a few for making salsa and pickling. Enjoy the forums and hope to see your garden pics soon.
Hi Eric,
Welcome! What a great choice for growing , I love my peppers. While I am an organic gardener I appreciate the things that occur naturally to enhance our gardens. Please let us know if we can help you in anyway. We look forward to drafting off of your education ;)
Hey Eric!
I'm at the eastern end of Lake Erie on the north shore!
Overwintering peppers is fairly easy, but you will need to keep an eye out for spider mites!
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. These forums seem much more welcoming than many others I've visited. I'll be sure to come back with updates, questions, and pictures in the future.

Overwintering peppers is fairly easy, but you will need to keep an eye out for spider mites!

Yes! Those buggers already tried taking over one of my peps. They're little vampires. I live on the seventh floor and somehow they still find their way onto my balcony! :confused:
Hi Eric
I live in central Ohio. Did you feel that quake the other day? I'm also growing peppers but my big love is flowers. My new thing this year is the hydrandeas...playing with the ph level to change their and gardening is fun!!! Welcome!!!
Spider mites migrate by using the winds!
Not much you can do about that, just need to be vigilant!

Mel, that earthquake was felt even in Michigan!
There were 3 dozen aftershocks all under 3!
They were too low to be felt!
Melissa, I didn't feel a thing but the local new channels claimed that it shook books off their shelves in some areas! This is further proof to my theory that the world is ending! :p

Ron, vigilant I shall be. lol.

Thanks for the welcome, Kya--and everyone else!
They felt the quake all the way down to Columbus. I felt nothing but they claimed to have felt it in some of the skyrises. I have some friends in Cleveland and they said they felt it. This is further proof to my theory that the sky is falling in , chicken little :p is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to