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i just joined your forum today and i am having sooo much fun this place is great i wanted to start a blog but seriously doubt that i possess the technology or creativity for blogging but i can talk my head off at the keyboard case in point i introduced myself on walthree's thread oops i won't waste your time repeating everything i wrote there the game either or is a lot of fun you guys are making me use my gray matter that's gotta be a good thing looking forward to talking to you all good gardnin' tonya
Welcome Tonya!!

Glad you like the games (some are mine) I talk alot as well and my head races to know end and I find that these particular games help "exercise" my grey matter so it will calm down

Just wait till spring comes!! then there will be lotsa talkin goin on (and pic postin!!!)
dear bluewolf i knocked the dust off the camera when we had our big snow the first of the month can't wait to start snappin again i think i'll try my hand at a more pictorial garden diary this year i'm thinking with all the help i'm going to get i might just have some pictures worth sharing
Welcome to GF Tonya alway's glad to have a new gardening friend.:)


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Hi Girl I see you ARE enjoying the family.
Feel free to ask, comment, play etc
i have jumped in with both feet! unfortunately i have a curfew of noon if i don't make myself leave i'll never get anything done around the house you guys are addicting (and i mean that in a nice way!) until tomorrow good gardnin tonya
Welcome aboard and happy to see ya got some dirt under your fingernails already! Enjoy your visits with us!! :p
thanx for the warm welcome!

i have had sooooo much fun today but i have to ask PRH doesn't tenacity have its place? i tried to obey the rules for a long time they (the rules) seemed so inflexable (sp?) i can bend a little now....lovin gardnin....lovin this free and garden!!!!
Hello Tonya and welcoem to the place...look forward to seeing you aroun...I see you like pickles also...;)
Tonya good to see a new face. We are a friendly bunch if not a little wacko at times. Pickle thread is evidence. but we have fun.
We all like growing things and that is where our friendship comes from. jion us and go a little wacko too.
thank you all for the gracious welcomes this forum is a nice diversion from the yuckky weather we've been having the sun is out today finally but it's too darn cold and wet for anything i hope all of you guys in Pa. and points up north are ok i saw there was another big storm headed your way stay warm! tonya is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to