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We've been gardening organically for close to 10 years in black dirt in north central Texas. I'm in the process of starting yet another project (my poor hubby has so much patience) and need some suggestions for ground covers in a sunny garden. We have a young fruit orchard. On the west end of it I'm putting in a flower garden with a mix of natives, perennials, and a few annuals. It will receive sun most of the day even after the trees mature. The ground slopes fairly gently and the recent heavy rains have washed away enough dirt that it is evident that I will need to do more than simply dig the shallow ditches for drainage that I was going to do. I don't really want to do a dry river bed. I've decided on a "green" river bed. I'm looking for very low growing, dense rooted ground covers to plant in the bottom of the ditch and something slightly taller for the edges of the ditch. Hope it works. Doesn't need to be too sturdy as far as foot traffic goes. Does need to like HOT weather with (usually) average water. Other than that I'm not TOO picky. THANKS!!
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Have you considered some herbs? Both thyme and oregano make a nice mat and are very hardy. Chamomile might work well, too.
Blue, herbs are a great idea.
I like sedums too they don't take much water and they spread well
Just wanted to wish you a warm welcome to our fun, friendly and knowledgeable group.
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