Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!

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Happy Happy Joy!!!! :D

Some serious dirt under the nails was had by moi

I started at the Southwest corner where the newst bed is promtly at 9:00AM it was 33º
pruned my Dappled willow,Knock Out rose, gave the Red Hot poker and Daylillies serious haircuts
pulled the leafs away from the protruding tulips daffies and what ever the heck those other green things are
By 9:30 I took off my hoody

Next I went to the newest spot I am trying to kill the grass in. Pulled up the bodies from the BES
more lillies got haircuts hard pruned the big yellow beast of a rose bush
"Iris row" didn't look to bad..theres not much in it right now cept 3 irises
think that Dwarf burning bush has gotta go don't really like it as much as I thought I would
trimmed the "bangs" on the irises Done with that side

Then to the walkway to the porch..pulled out the dead glad leafs from my half oak barrel
still full of water don't know if it's still frozen may need to drill a couple of drainage holes in it

Moved the 5 gallon plastic pot over by "Fred" my wolf statue (SOO glad I filled it half full of styrofoam)
pulled dead petunias out of the concrete basket

Headed to the corner 8 X8 cleaned up debris, trimmed Red Hot,pruned VooDoo and gave the Russian sage
a buzz cut (it was taller than me!) :eek:
Then the peony bed all bodies cleaned out,pruned the Honeysuckle bush

Then to the "wrap around" worked up a little sweat by now trimmed hummingbird mint,pulled old coral bell stalks,
trimmed the irises (Black Beauty" is bigger around than a basketball!)
moved the leafs around to unbury the green coming up

1 and 1/2 96gal trash cans full of "death" :eek:

and was all done by Noon!!!
and back in the house by noon30

My Cute Garbageman (Bud) ;) was teasing me he said "I was wondering when you were gonna come out of hibernation
Lil Piggy" I had mud in my hair and on my face, dirty paw prints on my t-shirt (He's seen me look alot worse) :p

but now everthing "clean-up" wise is done..even if I don't get back out there for a month I am happy :D

The roses have teeny buds,peony "beaks" are starting to peak out tullies and Daffies are about 3 inches high
My white bleeding heart is up about an inch
That Goofy "Playboy" tree rose I got last year for 3 bucks has stems coming up the tree part is dead but I don't really care
My pink lemonaid honeysuckle has some buds (Really Happy it made it)

Don't really feel to bad pain wise..a little worse than before I went out but if I waited till I didn't hurt I'd never get nothin done
got my shower taken back isn't hurting as bad as when I first came in
Probably will be hatin it tommorrow but that's O.K. BF has a funeral to go to so I will probably just be lazy all day

Gots me a Totinos Part Pizza headin to the oven.....(gonna have a little party) :laugh: would be nice to have a nice cold beer or three to go with....
but I'll just have cold "Sody pops" instead ;)

Kya D

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I just came in too and I have crocus, snowdrops, and dutch iris blooming. I also have tons of green, daylilies, iris, rhubarb and tons of other stuff. I am so tickled. I swear it is almost spring.


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yeah I'm really stiff and sore today tho..worked inside

gonna try and go out again tommorrow to do a couple of small projects :rolleyes:


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I didn't get to play outside today. I did drive over the mountain this morning to look at a freezer for my friend's widow. My friend was a WW2 vet who passed away almost two years ago. The freezer was an easy fix, but I may have to go back and put a new door gasket on for her.

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