Has anyone

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Kya D

Active Member
Planted the Memorial Day potted mums in there yard???? I was given about a dozen pots of em and have never tried planting them
Any help would be wonderful
Mums do well, often they will bloom in the spring and in the fall. Don't think yours will make it through your cold winter.
You know I have had them winter over but our season is so short that I have never had them bloom they get tons of buds but freeze before they bloom.
I just am not sure whether those potted ones will make it. Or how to plant them to give them the best chance.
Cushion mums do great here
I have planted them in the ground and they come back every yr and I'm in zone 5.
I pinch them back until July 4th or so and stop and they do well for me.
I bought mine at Walmart a few falls ago for $1 I think it was
I found that not cutting them back until spring helps...they don't like the snow and by leaving the old woody stems...helps keep the snow off...plus I mulch mine heavily...Good Luck Dawn!!!

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