Hello all!

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New Member
Bernie told me about this forum and I decided to join.

*Waves to all of the BS group"

I thought that I posted a "hello" already, but can't seem to find it.....

Teresa (Dandy - from BS)
Well Howdy Teresa!
welcome to GardenForums....Jump on in and get yer feet wet....I am the resident HillBilly...
Hi Theresa and welcome to Gardenforums we are glad to have you here. I know there are folks here that know you from the other site and I am sure all will be happy to see you here. Have a look around and jump in where ever you like. See you around the threads. If you need any help just give a yell to one of the Mods and we will be glad to help.
Hey, Rhonda, we had some friends (a family from sweden) come to the U. S. a couple of years ago and they stayed for about a year and a half. But early in the visit, their English was pretty much what comes from a book. But Siev (the wife) referred to us all as hilly-billies. We still chuckle about that one.

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