Hello from Kansas

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purple dolphin

New Member
I was so happy to find a place on the internet for gardening and asking questions, and boy do I have a few of them.

This is the fourth summer we have planted a garden, just not the fourth year in a row. Right now we have a small space that I hope to at least double this fall so we can grow more goodies next year.

This year we have:
14 tomato plants
20 pepper plants (chocolate, green, banana, and the hot ones;)
4 Watermelon plants
4 Cantaloupe
4 Pumpkin
And 4 cucumber

Oh here is an interesting fact about me; I’m allergic to most of the vineing plants. Makes for great fun when I try to plant or harvest myself.
I also have strawberries planted in one of those topsy turvy things (First year for that)

We also found out this year that our neighbor across the street has a mulberry tree and a June apple tree that he is letting us have the fruit off of. (I say this year, I have lived in this house 7 years and only noticed it this year when I parked under it:D

All of this feeds my need to make jelly and can, which I love to do.
I hope to learn a lot from everyone here.
Hi Purple Dolphin
WELCOME to our bunch I am sure you will enjoy it here. We are all friendly and some here are very knowledgable about plants and gardening.
Jump in and enjoy
Parking under a mulberry tree is a sure sign that there are berries and birds. At least my car always showed it.
Hello Blue Dolphin and welcome. You have quite the garden there. I grow some of the same things and wish I room for more. I am sure you will enjoy yourself here with the wonderful friends we have.
Hi Ya Purple,
Glad you found us. Sounds like you have a lot going on in the garden. Do you know what zone you are in? Just wondering. I also have a reaction to the vining plants like cukes and squashes and pumpkins , but it is fairly mild. Just give me a little rash. I use Benedryl cream and that helps reduse the itchy. As soon as you leave the garden you should use cold soapy water to remove the little hairs that are the cause of the reaction. Once upon a time there was a product called Ivy block and it really helped reduce the effects of the vine rash. I have not seen it in stores but someone said you can get it on line.
Good luck with your garden.
Welcome PD. . glad to have you join up with us gardening fanatics. You've got a nice variety growing there. How are the strawberries doing in the Topsy Turvy? I may try that next year. I planted in containers this year cause last year I had them in the garden and the grass took them over. It's hard to keep grass out of an acre of garden. Maybe next year I'll down size a bit too.
Hope your garden does well for you.
Hey Purple nice to see someone from Kansas. I was in Kansas when I first met some of these people. Other end and south. Down by Dodge City.
sounds like you have a nice little garden there. Let us know how it grows.
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.

I'm in zone 5 bty, I know I'm going to have more questions come up in the future. Right now I'm just wishing that it would let up with the rain so I could get in the garden before the weeds fully take over;)
I had that problem all through the spring and I battling the weeds now and I think I am running a neck and neck race with them. LOL

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