Hello from Maine

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I'm Mainegal from Southern Maine, outside of Portland. It's been cold here, temp is 24° right now and windy. BRRRR. NO SNOW!!!!!
I've got 2 fur babies, Rusty and Freckles. They are brother and sister and are 8 1/2. I traveled to Oregon to meet some gardening friends last yr. I met 4 from Oregon and 1 from WA. This yr I met 2 from NJ and 1 from RI. I have met some others previous too from the New England states. Almost forgot Anne from the Netherlands that I met in FL a few yrs ago...
I have both veggie and flowers. Most flowers are perennials but do have a few annuals that I start every yr. The gardens need to be overhauled. Started splitting some of them up this yr and selling them on the side of the road. I did very well for a few weeks until it rained for 6 weeks. Bought 100 gallons of oil and still had some $ left over.....:)
I have a small veggie garden. It has to be fenced in because we have a deer problem. I have started planting in 1/2 whiskey barrels and everything has done good. It's easier for me to keep watered too as they are close to the house and the fenced in garden is not. I will get back to using the fenced in garden soon.
Glad to be here and want to thank Bob very much for having this gardening forum. Hope to see alot of old friends and lots of new friends here.
Have missed having a nice forum to go to post gardening questions and get answers from other gardeners who you have gotten to know on the forums and who will help you out with your questions and problems.
Can't wait for this forum to be up and running. It's winter and we need some place to hang out and chat.
Welcome everyone, join right in, don't be a stranger. :):D
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Hi Mainegal , thanks for the heads up on Bob's new site! I really like the lay out and format. It shouldn't take long for folks to start trickling in.
Hey Chatty
Nice to see you here, have missed seeing you around as I don't go to the other forum
Welcome and glad you came over to check this out
hey Mainegal thanks for letting me know about this place. Have missed some of the old crowd. Nice to have a place to hang out with old friends. I've gone back to school to finish my degree. I have had to cut back on the things I grow as my time is limited. I've been learning how to garden here in Texas since I moved. It is different when your ground never freezes.
Hey Mainegal, thanks so much for letting me know this site was here. Think I'm going to be happy here again.
So glad that I still had your email addy. Trying to get the word out to all my gardening friends that I used to hang out with. It's great seeing so many old friends popping in.
Hi there Mainegal................I will NEVER get caught up with everyone.......lol.........good to see ya:)
I have been missing you! Even though we get to talk on the phone once in a while I really like being able to be on a forum with you, and our friends. Stay warm!
Hi Mainegal!
Kale wanted me to say HOWDY Sprout! Great to see you!

Hi Mainie I need just on more post to reach 100 so I thought I would make that post in your thread sence you are the one that brought me in here ---So now I will be a senior member ya hoo

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