Hello from Northern NY

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Hi all I just joined. I love my plants and my family tolerates them well. lol. My children have plants of their own and are starting to learn different ways of propagation. We currently landscape with houseplants and do alot of shade gardening especially native wood plants. We have been working on ways to live greener then last year. One step at a time. My favs are hoyas, brugs, and philodendrons.
Hello and Welcome fishergirl....I also love burgs...had to leave all mine when we moved from California back to Oregon...but just found a place near by to get good starts...Look forward to chatting with you
Hi fishergirl welcome to gardenforums everybody is very friendly here and all are looking to make new friends
Welcome Sfishergirl
So glad you found us. It's a new site but lots of old friends back together again
Jump right in and ask any question, lots of knowledgeable people on here
Hope to get to know you
Hi there Sfishergirl,

Welcome to the funny farm :) I had brugs in Oregon (which I had sucessfully wintered over) but had to leave them as the movers wouldn't move live plants.

Dora/Garden Goddess
Welcome to the Wonderful Garden Forum where wonderful people Post!

Northern NY, never heard it called that *LOL I'm guessing that is UpState NY.
My Mom and her sister lives in Gloversville she was in Walton,my son lived in Syracuse(before his California journey to fame *lol) My younger brother and a few other family members live in Binghamton(sp?)

Are you from there?
I'm from Brooklyn and still miss the friends I had there.
I have not lived Upstate but went to visit family.
Im in MI now..long story..Hubby is from here and now I am.

How do you garden with houseplants in (zone 5-6)and what are brugs?
Im the curious one*lol
Hoyas indoor and out door? WOW! rather interesting ..Im No good at flowering houseplants I do not use fertilizers so maybe that is the reason for no blooms*Lol

Welcome ..Kale:)
This a yellow Brug..:) or Brugsmansia. Heres a link for more info..http://www.brugmansia.us/newtobrugs.shtml
I rooted this one from a cutting. The bush was over 7 foot this past August with loads of blooms.

Oh ..sorry..I got carried away.... welcome to our humble gardening home Sharon, glad to have you aboard.


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If I can find it, I have a picture that DeeDee sent to me some months ago. Later she asked if I still had the photo. I think she may have deleted or lost what she had sent. I told her that I did have it, but I never got a response to that posting. Anyway, this is the photo and if DeeDee comes around, she can get her picture back. In the meantime, you get another shot of a brugmansia.


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Hi From Western NY!
*LOL Western NY he he he Swindy where is Swindy??
Ever hear of western NY ? Ok I went to school in Brooklyn, was absent quite a bit due to moving too much(long story) but still in all my years I have never heard of it being said Western NY.
I guess I can learn more then gardening here*lol
Just looked at a map..interesting.I'm pretty much limited to Brooklyn and all of long Island, a little bit upstate, never lived there but did visit.
Welcome cant wait to see what you grow*lol what planting zone?

Sfishergirl, Curious...what is your relation to fish*lol


Welcome from the Catskills sfishergirl!

I think I was there..Is it near Bear Mountains??

Welcome Wrennie!

sFishergirl You love fishing!:D:D:D You can catch and my daughter will cook it up and then we can all eat it!
Good for you the best I did was fishing in the (I think it was )Hudson bay for some cray fish!*LOL

No, I use to go to Robert Mosses Beach and Jones Beach and got mussels I even caught a sand shark once*lol (I think he was nearly dead already,*lol
I caught him with my hands and gave it to a my friends dad. He had a boat on their driveway he was a fisherman And, we got to play in his boat**lol Nicer then most of our (my Mom) apartments in Brooklyn*LOL
That is it for me, now I just goldfish in my ponds and rainwater features*LOL

It can be fun,if you go with the right people!!

I have never been in a place where I could fish/catch northern pike. We do have walleye in the Columbia River system, but I wouldn't go out in that big river in my little boat. That's a fast running river.
Western NY is Rochester and go west to the Niagara River. No one in the Buffalo/Niagara area would ever say they live in Upstate NY. Upstate to us is north of NYC up to like Albany and west to Syracuse. The area between Syracuse west to Rochester would be the Finger Lakes area. The area that runs along the bottom of the state Jamestown to Binghamton is the Southern Tier.
Lol, more than you wanted to know!:)
lol Remy you are right though I live north of of Albany/Syracuse area. As for fishing I wish I had a boat I only fish off shore. My favorite spot is at one of the local dams. I climb out of the rocks. I will go change my picture.
sfishergirl.........I'm a little late welcomeing all the newbies, as I have been sick with a cold, so time for me to catch up........glad you could join us. Do enjoy. Love the hoya........:)

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