Hello from Pacificstar

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Well, I'm so encouraged to see some wonderful garden buds here. I'm excited to connect again. I'm hoping this will be a growing season of friendships.

I moved in September to a new home. Such a different area to grow flowers and veggies and now I have fruit trees as well. Its so fun to plan and plant a whole new life.

I wish everyone a safe and Blessed Christmas.

So many have asked where you were.. I am so glad you found us all here and that you are doing well.. Welcome!! You have been missed and I for one am so glad you found us.
Hey Kristi so glad to see you gf on GF. We were all sending out the vibe for you I guess you finally felt it LOL. where is your new home, did you move north or out. Sounds like major changes in your life, I hope you are fine. I hope to see you here regularly, we have alot of catching up to do!!!!
Welcome and have fun in your new home.Work on that soil and you will be fine.
Is your season going to be longer, shorter or just different climate?
Have fun with fruit trees :)

Wishing you a warm welcome.

Hi Kristi,
Welcome! Nice to meet you. Glad you found us. A new yard can be a challange let alone a new zone. We will be glad to help you through your adjustment. Hope to see you around!
Welcome pacificstar..........yes, I believe I have seen this name before.
Glad you could make it, see you around the forum........
Hi Kristi
Sure glad you joined us. I tried to email you but it bounced back, You probably have a new email since you moved. I did enjoy seeing the pics of the house. Can't wait to see more since you have moved in.
Welcome home my friend :D:D:D:D: long time no see its so nice to see you again. Hows every thing going for you, sure have missed you
Kristi - it is sooooo good to "see" you again! Welcome back my friend!
WOW - a new house, new yard....nothing like changes to keep you busy!
see your around....J
Hey Kristi...how wonderful to see you here....I look forward to seeing the pictures of your creativity at your new home...
Thanks for the Crristmas card... I love it..
Hi pacificstar!! OMG, it's been soooooooooo long!

Are you still in Calif?

Looks like you'll be doing more canning with all your own fruit trees! WhooHoo!

Great to see you again :p

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