Hello from the Hudson Valley NY

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I am thrilled to have found you and see so many friends from gh. Can't wait to meet everyone else. Annette aka Datura from gh
Hello Annette, glad you decided to join us. We know each other and you sent me some Datura seeds last week. I am Grannyrose from GH.
I couldn't get into GH to welcome you there but I sure can here! Welcome and enjoy!
Welcome, so glad that you have joined us. Hope to see you around more and get to know you. I have kept the same name at all the forums. I don't think I got to know you on GH.
Glad you joined us. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I was disgett on GH
Where in Hudson Valley are you?
Woodstock on here is from the Hudson Valley too
She is in Maine this weekend with me. We had lobsters last night for dinner and going to pick up a Maine Coon kitten today to bring back to NY with her
I live in the town of Shawangunk, Hamlet of Wallkill, I'm a Hike Leader for the Mohonk Preserve, also lead hikes in Minnewaska State Park, Sams Point Preserve and Breakneck Ridge. Thanks for the welcome.
Welcome Annette--I know you're going to love this place. Lots of really nice people here.

Laurie--you two girls get that kitten yet? Glad you found one for her.
We just got home from getting the kitty and Woodstock and the kitty are on their way to NY. She wanted to get home before dark and before the snow starts coming.
Annette99.........Welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy your stay here with us. Enjoy!:)
Hi Annette and welcome, you'll have a great time here, lots of friendly folk and great advice
there is another HV gardener on this site Annette.....her name is wrennie, and Im sure she will pop in here sooner or later......its great that several of us live in this beautiful area.......

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