Hello, Hola, Bonjure, Gueten Tulk!

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New Member
Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I love gardening, I have a little girl, I love making new friends. I LOVE SWAPS, i like to get sup rises, but I love to send them even more. I dibble dabble in psychology, I write a lot, I am an amateur photographer. I enjoy planting, creating, sewing, and dibble dabbling in quilting.

I'm here for the friends!

Hello and welcome PomeyPoppy. So glad you decided to join us. You have found a great place with a great group of people. I love to sew and quilt too. Jump right in and enjoy yourself.
Have you come to the right place.
Everybody here is so friendly and love to chit chat and have a good time.
Welcome Pomeypoppy, we can always make room for more friends. Pull up a chair, sit back and enjoy! We've got lots to share and lots to learn. Glad to have you with us.
Welcome from the PNW. It's a great place with lots of great folks. You just made yourself a whole bushel of new friends.
Hello!!! and Welcome to garden forums, you will love the folks here and everything about this site. It's a great place to be...
Welcome Firefly from your neighbor in South Carolina. Glad you joined our group. Check out our photography area, would love to see some of your photos.
Welcome. With an intro like that sounds like you fit right in. Glad you found us. Looking forward to seeing you around. Please post some of your pics in the gallery. If you have any questions or need assistance this group is great with help and advice.
welcome to the place...wonderful to meet you...look forward to getting to know oyu and chat about gardening with you...jump on in and enjoy ;)

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