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Hello Painteddaisy. So glad you joined us. Lots of great ppl here. What kind of gardening do you do? Hope to see you around.
What zone are you in?
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welcome to the group.....ask away, as there are lots of people here to help you with any question you ask.....
Hello Miss Daisy....welcome aboard from the east coast of Canada...not sure what state you live in as I don't recognize the town name???
Hello and welcome Painteddaisy. Take your time and feel your way around. If you need any help just holler. Glad to have ya with us.
Welcome to the group painteddaisy.....Jump in and get your roots dirty...Look forward to seeing you about ..
Hey there painteddaisy............Welcome.........glad you could join us.........lots of great people here.......:)
Thank you all for being so kind ! I feel as though ive been cooped up for years .. and now i need to be set free ,,,, this winter here has been oh so to long,, and now we have had an ice storm,, I just cannot wait until spring ! It will be my first whole summer of planting ..:eek:

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