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I really need some Ideas...we are redoing our Large Flower Bed.
It was almost all cannas, a large banana, a confederate rose and some lillys.
I am moving the cannas and lillys, I Love Tropicals but my husband wants some evergreens...

So here is my problem...I dont want to completely block the water view in that area, I want a tropical look NOT formal....but my husband wants something in thewinter months!

PLEASE....ANY Suggestions?:confused:
Oh Ms. Treva
You are our problem child. :) :)
You want an evergreen that stays kinda short?
I'll give it some thought.
It isn't quite an evergreen but I see it alot around here and I like them red twig dogwood. I also like holly. Viburnum 'Pragense' - Prague Viburnum or Juniper if trimmed to your height. Boxwoods are short
What about some tropical looking palms? They will stay green all winter. Then you could have your tropical feel and your hubby could get the trees he wants! There are some really nice ones that don't look like the run of the mill palms.
I would go with a sago palm or two. There are a lot of small evergreen shrubs that will offer winter green interest: Lavender, I love the look of pittosporum tobira with the waxy green leaves (and the smell in bloom), A lot of colors in euonymous, Some ferns set off the jungle look well, Fatsia are super jungle-y and stay green, Bird of paradise.
More plants that will stay green and not detract from your tropical effect, agapanthus, cast iron plant, clivia, and toss a jade plant in there. Some crinums stay green, calla lilies, split leaf philodendron.
I like the airiness of Lora petalum. You can trim and there are several varieties of colored leaves to coordinate with your color scheme. I don't think that is theexact spelling but tried to look it up and couldn't find it.
THANK Y'all for all of these suggestions!!
I am going to look them all up, and then take it to my husband!
I will take pictures as we progress!

I knew you all would Help, and who better to ask then my Garden Buds!:cool:
Juniper ( creeping) will stay low and small offer color even in our southern winters. You can also consider some Krotons they have the tropical color but remain on the smal or slow grower side. Also I have Giant Aloe that bloom with the tall salmon colored umbrella Bells that would stay low except for the bloom. There are a lot of cactus/succlents that will do well in your winters that offer the tropical feel with the "evergreen" coloring. I have the same issues in planting. You can also thin of Bird of Paradise as the can be kept low.
Yews are one of my favorites, and small junipers- birds nest comes to mind. I have evergreeens mixed in all my gardens.
If you are looking for a bush, and you've got plenty of sun, burning bush is beautiful and come fall, the leaves would turn red. Witch hazel is nice, too...and the leaves on that will be yellow in the winter, but green throughout the rest of the year. Holly bushes will give you some beautiful green, too! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to