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OK I took this pic them researched a little, (Obviously not enough:eek::eek:)

I took them in because I had to pick them off...thinking they were scale!
On my beautiful Lilac bush.

I like looking under the I did and concluded they were not oyster scale:eek: but hadn't a clue as to who they were...then just now I had a moment and looked in a new book Hubby just bought me and there were the katydid eggs, the pic in the book had a different shade, then looked online and books to find the colors they come in...I learned they can be several shades.Depends on which katydid it is.
For some reason I wasn't clear minded.I panicked because Hubby bought my Lilac that I had wanted for several years and didnt want it to get scaled over.


I have them indoors now in a small pill bottle I just took them off my desk and placed them in the refrigerator what should I do with them?
Stick them in the freezer? Until Spring or can I just place them out side and let them get snowed on ? I can't attached them back on to the Lilac!
Do they eat while in that shell/ casing? Must I find a stick or something?
I can't believe I did this any HELP !!!!!!!!! :eek::eek:

I will continue to research but if anyone can tell me what to do, it would be faster then me finding it on line or in books!
I have researched for a while already ...:eek:

Here are the little guys!

HELP PLEASE! I think I will stick them in the freezer being it is freezing outside...

Pray these little fellas dont die!

Thank you!



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Ron I have looked at so many scales I'm scaled out.I have them in the freezer,I am as of now convinced they are katydid babies.
I have several books with detail and searched a bit online.My little scale like thing did excrete therefore not an armored scale.That sit is tremendous!
When I feel like researching more scale I will return to it.
I need pics,Micro scoped.I have micro scoped pics that I took;then, I can compare.

These were on a lilac, and I do have Katydids as I learn only 2scale go onto the lilac and they are attached way better,with a wonderful infestation, not like these they were a cinch to take off.Actual scale is a delicate chore.Lilac damage.

these aren't the same as what I picked off.

Thanks for that site it is great!
Dont know how I missed that one*LOL
Now,how do I keep these little guys alive? They are in my freezer *LOL
Either way I want to see they come out of their casing.Lets just go with katydids!
I'll cry later if it isn't *lol It will give me something else to look forward to :D!



Kya D

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Now that they are off of the bush I really don't have a clue what to do with them
Good luck Kale


Kya thank you for your support:D.

ewww! OK!
I can just place them in the ground, they probably shouldn't be where I found them anyway, because my toads hibernate really close to there. Ok .
I was thinking bring them outside but then thought they may need that stem for something (nutrients or who knows*lol) and I wasn't willing to cut those (lilac future) blooms when I thought they were scale.

Thank you we are making progress!!!!!!!!!! I just have to make certain I have food for them when they hatch and away from toads and frogs *lol And plants that birds are feeding on now until Spring.
I will do a search plan when it gets lighter outside.Maybe put hem in burlap and tie them humm I dont want bird to eat them that would be terrible..not sure how they would get out of that burlap.I need to put my thinking cap on Lord knows I never used it in school*LOL

I know they like roses leaves now*lol
One took a ride with me to the rose garden in 08*LoL I had to bring her back home *lol I guess she like KnockOuts *lol She was a cutie.
They are such pretty and gentle critters.They love dandelions too,only I'm not much of a grower. is only morning and I'm yappin..I will search again, I have been looking through all kinds of books for clues...

Any more info will be helpful.
I will bring them outside if I can find a safe place,well I should find a safe place...somewhere out there.

Thank YOU!
Kale:D :D :D!


New Member
Did you bring them outside?
When will they be born?
So that is what they look like!
I have katydids, I can't wait to check my Lilacs!
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