Hi from Central Illinois

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Hi all. I know a few of you here already and look forward to shareing with the rest of you my gardening yeahs and nays!! I love my hostas and daylilies the most but love all gardening. I like to paint, embroidery, reading and photography. Oh! and bird watching and and and you name it and I am into it. Thank you all for having me and a spiecial thanks to Dizzy. HEY GIRL! HUGS BEV
Welcome Dragonfly
Dizzy said she sent out an email to all her gardening buddies. So glad to see you here. Hope to see you around the forum
Welcome Dragonfly! Always nice to have a new friend in the garden so to speak. Look forward to seeing you around. Have a great garden day!
Our birds are having it pretty rough around here. We are covered with ice and snow. I tossed out quite a bit of birdseed on top of the snow and filled the feeders. There are plenty of birds taking advantage of them, but I'm sure there are many that are having a pretty rough time.
Howdy Bev!

Hi Bev! Bob has opened a great new playground for us! :D I'm having a great time here! Then again ~ when don't I have a good time? :p LOL!
Welcome Bev, You've just clicked into the nicest bunch of folks you'll find anywhere. Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. Lots to learn and also swap ideas with. Glad to meetcha. Marie K
Bev glad you joined. Hope you and Scotty are feeling better soon. Merry Christmas!!

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