Hi from the Catskills of NY

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Hi there Woodstock (AKA Bobby from GG days) - so good to see you here! Check out the threads and you'll see a lot of familiar faces here already!!! Woo Hoo - the gang's all here!:D
Glad you was finally able to get in. Got an email from Kale that she is having problems too. We're going to have fun, its' like the good old days in here
Hi all.............its so great to see so many familiar faces....and the old format which I already know......thank you BOB.........we have been waiting for someone to do this so we could all get back together!!!
Hi woodstock...........great to see another name that I know..............:)...glad you have joined the rest of us....feels like "old home days"
Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all HELLO!!!!!!!


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