Hi from the Catskills

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Hi everyone, I'm Wrennie. I live in a forest preserve in the Catskill mountains of NY. I do lots of gardening in the summer. And lots of 'keeping the critters at bay' work too.I like to do all sorts of crafts, read, and bird and critter watch.
Welcome Wrennie
I think I know the name from another site. Glad to see you here and hope you are enjoying the snow?
I go on alot of different forums 24+ at last count. My one friend doesnt know how I keep track of so many people. News flash, I dont. But I do know you from somewhere out there!
I Wrennie, inquiring minds want to know how you can keep all that straight!!!
I see another name that I am pleased to see here. There is another really sweet lady that I hope to see here sometime too. She lives down around Houston, TX.
Hey there Wrennie.....so good to see you over here........have to visit your store soon......have a wonderful holiday!!!
Wrennie...........Welcome and enjoy........


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24 forums.. that is a lot!! I think I know the name wrennie too..humm.. could it be from the old GE site? Welcome!

Ge.... hmm...
I go to GH, GG, GS, GW, GG, another GG, uuuuuh, cant think of a GE.

Dale I dont keep them straight and dont go to all of them every day.My laptop crashed and theres a few I cant remember I'm sure that are on there.:rolleyes:
Did I mention all the social networks I belong to> 5 of them, really just visit 2. I should delete my account at the other 3.

Nice to meet or see all of you.
Hi Wrennie and welcome from Nova Scotia! ANy friend of my gardening friends, is a friend of mine! Hope we soon become #1 on your list of 24:D
Hi I am Dale, my husband and I reside in South Carolina the Palmetto state. Look forwarding to staying in contact with old friends and making new friends along the journey.

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