hi from weary traveler

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Just got home from daughter's for thanksgiving....traffic NOT too bad..
my first time on this site....hope to make new freinds! :)
Welcome! Glad your trip was not too stressful.... traffic is so annoying.
I am sure you will meet many friends...this new site looks to be awesome!!
I was a member of Garden Guides...don't remember GE.

Pretty much, people just drop in at all times thru the day and night. You will notice many do come at regular times and some may set up times to visit.

I have a job that allows a lot of freedom and am generally online during the mornings.
spottie.........you will meet lots of people, and the knowledge is unbelieveable..........:)
((SPOTTIE)))))))))) wow another Jersey girl!! how ya doing gal!! it ia great to see you! I'm glad you had a safe holiday. We need to catch up and chat soon. I hope you and your family are doing well-- I think of ya often
Hi Spottie
Welcome to the forum, you will meet some very nice and knowledgable people here.
Lots of us came from another site that got sold over a yr ago and we had no place to go until Bob started this new forum and we just love him for it as it's old home days for alot of us. Thie forum has only been opened since Sun night and its becoming busy like we were hoping it would.....
Hey Brassi!
I will be popping in every now and then until I get a new PC. Mine finally went belly up a few days ago and nothing I could did would bring it back to life!
I borrow my mothers laptop once a day to keep in touch.....she is hinting that I had it long enough ....and she wants to play her scrabble game!
At 82 she can have whatever she wants!!!:cool:
Hi spotti welcome to GF glad to see you here I also am from GG and wasn't around for GE

Ron I hope you find a new computer soon.
Hello and Welcome Spottie....I was not on GE...but heard about it from many who were on GG...Look forward to getting to know oyu and chat around the boards

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