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New and Old...:)

Hi I'm new here invited by sweet Vege (Thank you Vege) and I live on the Eastside of California's central valley (Agri Country) on 4 Acres. I love gardening and am an Out-of-control germinator (I admit it) which I pretty much do year round in a 15' X 24' greenhouse/solar room that is full to over-flowing at the moment with plants that I'm overwintering. Some of you may already know me as MonkeyT. :D

Just wanted to say Hello to everyone and explore the forum...
Welcome Caligal.........wow, sounds like you have a nice set up there for over wintering, plus that 4 acres sounds pretty nice as well.
Do enjoy the forum, and see ya around...............
Welcome Caligirl! Glad to have you here. Look forward to the adventures and advice you can share with us on germination especially indoors. Hope to see you around
Hi caligal welcome to the forums, that veg sure is sending a bunch of friends our way and we are very glad to see you here.
Hi Caligal, nice to meet you. You've got to tell us all about your green house. I'm so envious!!!
MonkeyGirl...!!!!!! How are you doing ...I am so thrilled to see you ...I am sorry for being late getting here...but my power has been off more thanon the last few days....went out once again last night at about 6 pm ...just got it back on but the power guy just came by and said it will be off again in about 1 hour...so get your coffee made...so I put on one pot and took it out to them and now have another going...LOL I just love life in Mayberry...
Hi Caligal, nice to meet you! I'm a CA gal too, but transplanted up to southern Oregon.

Debe, do you have a thermos you can fill? That way you can get two pots maybe before your next lights out.
We have a gas cooktop so we can at least heat up some food when the power goes off. But we would be in a world of hurt because we are dependent on electricity to provide water from our well.
I have water still as we are no longer on a well..and the water heater is gas and still works ...so I am at least clean...LOL
I bought a generator when we bought this place so I would have an emergency source of power. But my farmer friend borrowed it because it is also a gasoline powered welder. He can take that out to the fields where the broken equipment is and not have to get the equipment into his shop for repair. I'm going to have to get it back over here during the months that we are more likely to have the power outages though. His place is where I pick the blueberries.
Thanks everyone for the nice welcome and I'm very happy to meet all of you also...

Hi Mary-Jo, thanks, I love my set-up except during spring weeding (then I'll be asking for volunteers).

Hello Crabbergirl, thanks...I'm glad to be here. Always happy to share gardening and germinating adventures and looking forward to hearing all of yours.

Quack, Quack Miss Mel. Thanks and happy to see our Oregon Gardens duck here (Brrrr...hope you're keeping your feathers dry). ;)

Hi Dale, Welcome to you also and thanks for stopping by. We can be new together!

Hello swindy, thanks and yes Vege is a sweety...really glad to be here.

Hey lynpenny, nice to meet you and you are right, I can already tell this is going to be fun!

Hi Gloria, nice to meet you and you may regret saying that (you'll be hearing all about it soon I'm sure). I really wish everyone could experience gardening with a greenhouse, it opened up a whole new gardening world for me.

Hello Vege, I'm happy to see you. I'm doing great just trying to get thru the Holiday rush same as everyone else. Gee, sorry to hear about your troubles, I hope you have some sort of back-up heat source (we want you to be well for Christmas, hope you're feeling better).

Hi scarez, nice to meet you also and actually I'm a Mont/Caligal. Born in Montana but lived in California most of my life, gardening is much easier here. I had family in Southern Oregon (Ashland) that owned the Chateu Lynn restaurant just in front of the Shakespearean Theater, I always loved driving up there for the Festival.

Howdy Randy, I'm going to take that as a side-tracked Hello (smiling)...nice to meet you!

And in case I get really busy I wanted to wish everyone here a Very Merry Christmas...Stay Warm, Bee Well and I'll see you all on the board. :)
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HAY HAY HAY...yes I have a wood stove...but thank goodness seems they have all the power worked out...
as you can see lots a really great people around here...I am still having problems even logging on at NHGC...let alone post...but fear not I shall not get lost...
Hay Vege...I'm really glad to hear that and hope you had a nice Christmas.

Well I'm lost, :eek: not sure how I posted that twice. I retyped it about 3 times and couldn't get it on the board, when I logged out there was only one and now lookie there, I'm seeing double...MAGIC!!! :D I can't find edit to delete one so guess It's stuck...I'll figure it out one of these days. :confused:
quack quack to miss cali girl and vegemm
and everyone else..
Hey I went out to oregon gardens this morning to just to see what the guys where up too..It was pretty and cold out there ..they were cutting trees from the storm..I just hung out in the market garden with my friend gordon and came home..The garden is sound asleep waiting for spring..Will be out there in the dirt next tuesday..
to everyone, I'm not an oregon duck fan, just use the quack to my california buddies..
Have a good day
Hello you two...got your double troubl taken care of my friend...:) your doing just fine...
mel, I bet it was a mess at the gardens...coming up into the canyon there are trees broken all over...not to much up here in Lyons ...we even had our streets all plowed ...the joy of a three cow town...LOL
David is out using the chain saw cutting up the limbs that came down during the snow and ice storms. I got pretty cold out there working on my truck, so I'm inside warming up my tootsies. There is a large limb out there laying across the garage and I will probably have to help him with that one.
Hey Randy can not remember where I mentioned this but...if you end up needing any help on your truck ring up mike any time...

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