Hi there everybody

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Hey you guys, Just had time to get here!! So happy to see so many familiar faces. Thanks Laurie for keeping in touch to let me know the forums are up. Hope I have time to get in here soon and catch up to what all has been going on with everyone. Finally got a tiller and have my little garden patch ready to start conditioning for spring and can hardly wait:eek:) Glad to be here among so many familiar faces. Marie K
HELLO Marie....wonderful you have come on home...Ther are so many old GG friends it is truly a garden gathering....
Hi Marie
So glad to see you made it, I figured you was busy with the holday. Grap a cup of coffee or tea when you have some time and chat with some old friends. It's like old home days here.
Hi there Marie - so good to see you here! As you check around this forum, you will notice so many familiar faces - isn't it wonderful seeing so many of our freinds back together again? Hope you survived all those hurricanes this past season. Uou are lucky to be using your tiller still in readiness for spring - in my zone, the gardens are all tucked away for the winter ~sigh~
No kidden....

Marie K! Well well well ! How are you doing! Getting ready to till while we freeze her in MI.huh???

Well isnt that just dandy?*LOL

Good for you!
Great to see you!
How did you come up with the Froglady name*lol Cute real cute.
Have you a water feature?

Kale /Sproutling
Marie............so good to see you again................its Maribeth, from GG.....have thought about you so often, as well, as many others here......
Hey Whit, Do you ever hear from Kristi/PacificStar any more?...I had lost contact with her and recently found her email address and sent her note about everyone being here...wondered if you had heard from her any more?

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