Hi, What is going on?

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Hi, I have been out for a while busy with work, some backyard clean up and plant sale. What is going on in your yard tisi time?
Here are couple blooms for you.



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I got my garden area tilled. I will till it another time or two though before planting. The chickens love that fresh dirt to scratch around in.
Thank you everybody. I am glad you liked.
Latebloomer Peachy colored rose is actually more coral color and the name is “Candelabra”. It is not from very expensive, but the color is pretty.
Randy wish I can till my backyard, but everything is already planed, so not too much space.
I probably should take a picture of the garden plot again. It's not really a part of the yard and it's on the eastern edge of the property. The garden plot is between the riding arena (horses) and our little orchard. I think it is about 1800 square feet now. I spread some lime on it today and tilled it again with the walk-behind tiller instead of the tractor.
The only way we could live in a place like this is to share it with family. Our daughter and her husband sold their house and my wife and I sold our's. Our former home was all paid for, so we came out of it with enough money to pay our half of the property. The kids have a mortgage on their half. We share the taxes and the expenses. I think the frontage is either 800 or 1000 feet. But the total land is 6 acres. A good portion of that is pasture.

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