Hi Wombat and Welcome

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Hi John
So glad to see you finally made it.:D Can't wait to see the pics of your holiday to Singapore.
Please send some warm weather to us. :D:D It's going into a deep freeze here. Temps are going to be below zero starting tomorrow night. :mad: BRRRRRR
I heard you were coming this way, so glad to see that you have finally mossied on over. Can't wait to see your pics
Welcome John............I was in barnes and noble bookstore the other day and saw a childrens book on wombats, with little stuffed wombats all around it.....I finally know what you look like...tee hee.............seriously its great that you joined us
Thank you all sooo much for the welcome lol. I didn't have time this morning to write a howdy doody message to you all to introduce myself but looks like you've done it for me:D
Laurie; the pics may take a while I can't find the line in to my pc that connects my dig cam...I know it's here somewhere:rolleyes: Nice to hear you're having such cool weather too...below zero? Wow what great weather to go and make snow angels;)
Sharon; it took me a while to get here but I'm pleased I finally made it, lots to read about and catch up on too!:)
Bobbi: glad you finally know what I look like......actually those little critters are much better looking than I am I'm also glad to be here too....did you notice I managed to spell your name correctly?:D
John good to see you here at GF. Haven't chatted with you in awhile. Post and get us updated on what you been doing lately. Dale/disgett
Hidy-Hoe Sir John...So glad you found your way along....Now get the Barbi all fired up...fish is ready to go...:D...
Welcome Wombat, I believe I met you on another forum. Glad you joined us here.
Another welcome, Wombat!

Ditto to Gloria's welcome Wombat! Several of us have met you on another forum! Hope you're having an enjoyable summer....and since it's summer down there, I hope you'll share pictures of what you have growing. Perhaps that will help us all get through the rest of this winter -- a winter that has been pretty doggone awful all over the country! And a belated Happy New Year to you!
oh debe, are you preparing another winter trip to johns like we did many years ago....if so Im ready to go!!! fire up the grill and make the margaritas!!!

John, hope you can post some of your pics......
Wombat............WELCOME.......good to see another familiar name.......we have met on GG, .....you may remember me........it's Maribeth......:)
Someone say Margaritas?........:D
Thank you all for the great welcome! Nice to see so many familiar and friendly faces. I'll try and post a few pics when I'm able. Your winter, has indeed been very cool.....hope a few flower pics can brighten it all up a little for you. I'm looking forward to seeing all your gardens in full bloom again......it's so warm humid and rainy here, I pulled out 382 weeds y'day...yep I counted them! lol It's pouring now so I can come inside and post lol. Once again thanks for the welcome back!
G'day young Wes and thank you for the Aussie Day wishes, much appreciated indeed! Hiya Crabber,wow been a while since we yakked, have you been behaving yourself lately?:D
G'day young Wes and thank you for the Aussie Day wishes, much appreciated indeed! Hiya Crabber,wow been a while since we yakked, have you been behaving yourself lately?:D

Are you kidding? Gettin' away with everything I can.:D ;)

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