HI Ya'll from Western KY/Zone 6

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I briefly browsed and i see lots of familiar faces....tickles me.
Glad to be part of you all ....Thanks for having me...
Hey Peggy, so glad to see you here,
Third one of the bluegrass bunch, we've got shiney and nat here already
So glad to see you, it's like old home days here
Hope you and Cliff and the rest of the family are doing well.
Oh my gosh...thanks so much for the welcome...feels like coming home...
It is wonderful to hear from you all...
Hi Peggy, glad to see you here. Isn't it wonderful that so many of us from GG are meeting again on a new forum.
Hello Pretty Lady!
Great to see you.Hope all if well:)
Now lets have fun:D

Kale the Sproutling :)
or was that Sprout of a Kale:)
Hi Peggy, glad to see you here. Isn't it wonderful that so many of us from GG are meeting again on a new forum.

Maggie I sure have missed all the beautiful blossoms you and Ron always shared in Whats in Bloom...

Shinekeeper gave me this link to you all.....then i had a wonderful invite from chatty..
such wonderful friends...I thank you..
Missed you too and taking wood working.
Which I have to admit would truly love to do,Set my garage up with a nice little shop bought many tools but.....only to find out, I cant take to sawdust:
Itches me to no end and totally destroys my hands.I do sneak in a project or two when I know I wont be needing my hands too much for a few days and feel like scratching all over *LOL
I'm a glutton for punishment.Hubby seems to think his plans are better then what I actually want so..I just try myself knowing I will pay in days to come.

Any wood projects to share!!??Id live to see! I loved your garage layout it was extremely impressive.I hope you are still doing it! What talent!
Again, Great to see you!

Oh my gosh.....pl..........so good to see you........its Maribeth here....:)
Isn't it great to see so many familiar names..............
Kale I am sad that you can't handle the saw dust... My lungs can't handle it...wear a respirator when i am working... Heck i have too...
Maribeth what a pleasure seeing you my friend...sure have missed you... how is hubby doing.... I chat with Jody occasionally...been a lil while
Smiley I haven't made any gnome doors and windows in a while...I am glad ya like them... I do too.... I still have windows and doors to do for Garden Bear...
So wonderful to see you all...

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