Hi :)

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New Member
New member here from Southeastern Pennsylvania. Im actually very new to gardening so Im hoping to learn from some of you and hopfully get some advice on my upcoming project for the back yard.
Hi there and Welcome to our family.
This is the place to learn so jump in and ask. There are a lot of garden wise people here
who can usually answer your questions.
hello and welcome to the place...many friendly and helpful people here...jump on in and enjoy
Capt. O Welcome to the group. Being new to gardening you came to a great place for info. Let us know what kind of gardening you are planning on doing. We love to help so make sure to ask questions.
Thanks for the warm welcome. I posted a thread about my immediate plans to do some planting of shrubs and perennials, a few bulbs and hopefully a tree as well. Aside from that, I am also interested in growing some veggies for cooking too. I'll ask more about that in a bit.

Welcome Captain, its been said many times before jump right in, I'm sure if you need help some one here will help.

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