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This Homer's new family.They are so adorable. I am bringing one of Homer's daughters home this Monday.Her name is going to be Billy Bob after my hubby that was his nick name The white and brown one that looks likes him.


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Yeah I saw a couple of ugly pups but their parents should never have mated but my hubby is noticing new puppies again. I'm not really wanting another dog but puppies can win your heart when you don't want them.
boy isnt that the trueth , after we had to put our dog of 13 years down couple years back , we went and got a begal pup , said he would most likely be our last dog . well one day was going out to the store and here was this cute little white pup in the front yard , sooooo as you might guess we now have 2 dogs.


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I think what Randy was saying is that they are all cute as can be.
I love dogs and especially pups. Nothing like puppy breath. Oh and they are so warm and sweet. See what you have done??!! Now I must get a puppy fix. I haven't had a litter in 3years. I really miss raising dogs. I still have 4 all over the age of 9. :( I hate to think about what is coming.

Kya D

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I got my puppy fix cuz my son brought one of our puppies out for a visit.
I needed a baby boy fix and a baby puppy fix.


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Yep, Crabber is right. I'm a sucker for dogs and kids. I was over at the farm store recently and a young lady with a couple of kids and a leashed dog was walking by me. The dog was quite young and apparently liked everybody. The lady apologized and pulled the dog back from me but I told her it was a compliment for her dog to show affection in that manner. Even though my wife and I don't have a dog, there are two in our home. One is a Labrador/shepherd mix and the other is a pure Lab. They both have me well-trained and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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