Honeysuckle vines

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Has anyone ever rooted cutting off honeysuckle vines? I took a bunch of cutting off mine today when I cut them back to dig them up. I want to move them to another location. So I have all these cuttings in glass jars. I am hoping they will root well and then I can give them away and trade with them. One of my honeysuckles is a rare one so I was told.

Would love to hear of anyones experience with this.

It is very easy. Get a bag of play yard sand from Homedepot. lowes, or Walmart. You can use almost any container I have even used tupperware, old cat litter pans and five gallon bucket bottoms. You have to make sure it is well drained so you may have to drill small holes in the bottom of the container. If you have a container with large holes just make sure to cove the bottom of it with about an inch if small stones to keep the sand in. Make you cuttings fresh on a 45 degree angle. You can use root tone if you like but it is not really needed. Place you cuttings in the sand with about 1" of stem in the sand try to get a "joint" of the stem under the sand. Now just keep them watered in a location the has filtered light don not place in full sun. You must water them everyday . Never let the sand get hot or totally dry. In a few weeks they will be ready to plant in their new home spot;)
I was hoping to just root them in water sice i took so many cutting. Would they root in just jars of water in a sunny location?

Good luck with the cuttings keep us posted.
You can root starts from the main plant by layering them for a year
I just stick my cuttings in water and they root fast, most of the time I just dig up new shoots from around the main plant.

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